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The employer is obliged to pay equal pay to workers regardless of sex for equal work with equal requirements at the workplace.
The Constitution of the Republic of Macedonia stipulates that the rights of employment in the Republic of Macedonia are regulated by law and by collective agreements.
The companies are obliged to provide healthy and safe working conditions as a prerequisite for fast, efficient and timely fulfillment of the work responsibilities of the employees.
Article 28 of the Labor Law prescribes the content of the Employment Contract, which must contain the following points
Break is a breakdown of the physical and intellectual work activities and functions of the employee during the working hours.
OBLIGATION FOR PAYMENT of social contributions from compulsory social insurance is a natural person
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In addition to the basic commitment for protection and promotion of workers rights through the conclusion of collective agreements
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Правото на секој работник да се зачлени во синдикат е загарантирано со Уставот и со Законот за работни односи на Република Македонија.

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According to its statutory and programme guidelines, the Trade Union of  Public and State Administration of Macedonia ensures that its members receive free legal help and protection and free legal representation in violation of their labor rights.